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DAMAGE REPORTING:  Report damage to your primary residence only (Damage to outbuildings, driveways, etc., will not be eligible for FEMA assistance.)  Click here for info on how and when to report damage, what information is needed, and what you can expect during the damage assessment process.

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KEEP A GOOD RECORD!!  Documentation is an important part of damage reporting.  Take videos or still photos, maintain a diary of emergency repairs, keep receipts, etc.  Do what you have to do right away to make your home safe and habitable, but be sure to document every step before and after.  Notify your insurance carrier right away.  Don't wait for "permission" from anybody to start temporary repairs that keep you safe or reduce further damage to your home.

DISASTER ASSISTANCE:  Here is some general post-earthquake guidance that can help you through the initial reporting process.






Multi-agency training is part of our ongoing team development series. 

Consider an interesting
volunteer assignment in the
Emergency Operations Center

for more on volunteer
opportunities with the Department of
Emergency Management

In-service training provided



"The ability to deal with a crisis is largely dependent on the structures and relationships
 that have been developed before the emergency."


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