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Tsunami Alert Procedures (Watches, Advisories and Warnings)
Pacific Tsunami ETA Calculation
Port Townsend Tsunami Evacuation Route Map
Port Townsend Inundation Map (Department of Natural Resources) - PDF (large file)
Tsunami Safety for Boaters
SAFETY AT SEA? :  We recently received an inquiry about protecting your boat from the impact of a tsunami by going "to sea".  According to the experts, you are relatively safe only if you are in open waters of at least 200 fathoms (1,200 feet).  Click here to see more about tsunami safety for boaters. 
Point Hundon Marina - AHAB Siren

Tsunami sirens are tested every other month on the first Monday of the month at 12:00 noon.  Test tones are different than the actual "siren" sound.

CLICK HERE to hear what the test sounds like.  The duration of the test tone sequence is about 5 seconds.

CLICK HERE to hear the actual emergency warning siren.  The duration of the actual emergency siren is 30 seconds.

Point Hudson "All Hazards Alert Broadcast" (AHAB) unit, one of three AHAB tsunami "sirens" in the Port Townsend area.  The first AHAB in Washington State was installed at the Port Townsend Marina in 2003.  A unit similar to the Point Hudson siren is located on the beach near the campground at Fort Worden.  AHABs can be activated by satellite from the State Emergency Operations Center or by radio from the Jefferson County EOC.  There are currently 45 AHAB installations in Washington State.




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