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This website is intended to provide a mechanism for the general public to review and suggest improvements to the Jefferson County – City of Port Townsend Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan (Plan) that is due for its mandatory 5-year update.  The current plan, (Rev. 2009), was good until June 6, 2015, at which time, we must have a FEMA approved (Rev. 2016) in place in order for participating jurisdictions to be eligible to apply for Hazard Mitigation grants.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, the deadline passed.  The Plan is still good for the participants to use in guiding their own mitigation efforts, but an updated Plan must be in place to be awarded hazard mitigation grants.  This does not apply to Public Assistance resulting from disasters.


The Plan is a public document; therefore, the content of this website is public, too.  In general, anyone can look at any pages of the website without signing in.  Thus, anyone can view the 2009 Plan or the 2016 Revised Plan as it is being developed.  Public input is important to the Plan, so we will keep a count of the number of people viewing the site, but will not collect any personal information unless the viewer decides to submit comments – and that will be only to offer appropriate credit for ideas and contributions.

Register and Login

In order to comment directly about the development of the 2016 Plan, you must register and login.  This will allow you to put comments into the “Comments” dialog at the bottom of the “Draft 2016 Plan” page.  We will collect contact information so that we can document public participation. The reason for this is that FEMA is very concerned that the public has an opportunity to comment on the Plan.  In the past, we have had public meetings where nobody showed up.  Now, however, we have a robust Neighborhood Emergency Group network and the ability to interact through the Internet.  Therefore, we will collect the names of the people helping to critique the Plan and give them appropriate credit in the Plan, itself.

The Plan is a public document and CD versions of the 2009 Plan are available for viewing at the public libraries.

To Register:

  1. In the “Administration” box on the home page, click the “Register” button.
  2. Enter your username and your email address.
  3. You will receive an email with a temporary password to log in.

To Submit Comments:

  1. Log in to the website.
  2. Go to the “Draft 2016 Plan” page.
  3. Comments may be entered and submitted in the “Comment Box” at the bottom of the page. The comments will not appear in the “Comments” blog until they have been vetted by the Hazard Mitigation Plan Coordinator.

Comments may be on the Plan content, format, or web site format, etc. or anything relevant to the Plan and its success.  Critiques of format, writing style, etc. may be used, but would not necessarily show up in the comments contained within the Plan, itself.


The website pages are as follows:

Home Page

This contains the registration and login fields, recent comments, and a calendar that allows the user to find the comments made on a particular day.

How-2 Use

 This page.

Plan Mandate

The Plan Mandate page contains a brief overview of the legislation that established the hazard mitigation grant programs and the requirement to have a Plan to be eligible to apply.  There are links to the legislation if you want to delve into the nitty-gritty of the public law.

2009 Plan

 This is a PDF version of the 2009 Plan that is approved by FEMA.  It is over 400 pages long, so it has been divided into sections that the word processing software can successfully manage.  The organization of the document is:











2016 Draft Plan

This is a PDF version of the 2016 Draft Plan as it is evolving.  It starts as the 2009 Plan and gets modified as we work on updating the Plan. There is a “comments” box at the bottom of the index page that allows someone to enter comments regarding the Plan.  Those comments will end up in the “comments blog”, and will be reviewed and acted on, as appropriate.  Commentators will be given credit within the Plan, which does have a section that contains public input.  The comments are “moderated” before being allowed to post, so that profanity and non-relevant comments from trolls will be excluded. This is a serious work and we hope for and expect considered ideas from motivated public participants.


The “Grants” page provides an overview of the grant programs that become accessible to the Plan adoptees for the purpose of hazard mitigation.

Contact Us

 This page contains the contact information for the Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management (JCDEM), under whose auspices this Plan is being updated.  You may contact us via phone or email. Click here for contact information.